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Vintage movies collection by sofia13

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Phallus story (1978)

Released: 1978
Director: Maxime de Best as Maxi Micky
Notes: Orpham / Europrodis

Alternate Titles
Amours N° 6 video title

Cathy /Stewart plays Sophie
Jenny Feeling plays Lison

Jean-Louis Vattier plays Nicolas
Alban Ceray plays Fred
Charlie Schreiner plays Paul
Dominique Irissou plays Jean


Format:  Wmv
Size:  968 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:11:44

https://rapidgator.net/file/5762e9ff1ba … y.wmv.html



Country: France | USA
Language: English
Release Date: 27 May 1975 (USA) See more »
Filming Locations: New York City, New York, USA
Director: Bill Milling (as William J. Haddington Jr.)
Writers: Lou Kleinman (screenplay) (as Luigi di Gaspary), John P. Masart (novel)

Cast (Credited cast)
Bree Anthony . Peggy
Bobby Astyr
Nancy Dare
Rita Davis
Jamie Gillis
Peonies Jong (as Peonies)
Linda Lovemore
Helen Madigan
Alan Marlow


https://keep2s.cc/file/4fd115a40a5cb/Wh … _1975_.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/qilv5w63/When_ … _1975_.avi



Production year: 1973
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Feature, All sex, Oral
Duration: 1:02:47
Language: English

Director: Clyde V Smithee
Studio: VCX

Starring: Flauviar Cortezo, Max Fenderstar, Lalina Mascotti, Gino Goldersleve, Sacha Petrovic

Scene 1. Tricia Opal, James Mathers
Scene 2. blonde, brun
Scene 3. blonde, guy
Scene 4. brun, guy
Scene 5. Tricia Opal, guy
Scene 6. Annette Michael, James Mathers
Scene 7. blonde, guy
Scene 8. brun, guy
Scene 9. Annette Michael, guy, James Mathers

Description: A slice of the suburban sexual life of a young, married newlywed couple highlights this all night party. Several scenarios are played out here as partners are swapped out. Couples dive into erotic waters yet untested and the games get more heated by the stroke.

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  560 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:02:01


Download Weekend Roulette (1973)
https://keep2s.cc/file/f301776e81e76/We … ulette.mp4
https://rapidgator.net/file/849deea9fdf … e.mp4.html



Waterpower (aka Enema Bandit) (1977)

Year of release: 1976

Genre: Feature | Hardcore
Duration: 1:22:09

Directed by: Alex de Renzy
Studio: Alpha France

* Joey Silvera
* Annette Haven
* Candida Royalle
* Desiree West
* Justina Lynn
* Kikko
* Leslie Bovee
* Linda Wong
* Melba Bruce
* Mimi Morgan
* Monique Starr
* Samantha Morgan
* Sharon Thorpe
* Starr Wood
* John Leslie
* Johnnie Keyes
* Turk Lyon
* Tyler Reynolds
The film shows the parallel adventures of Rocky de Sade (Ken Turner) and Johny (John Leslie). Rocky de Sade is a seven foot tall ex-convict that terrorizes San Francisco's prostitutes, while Johny is a sex shop worker that has wild sexual fantasies. The two characters' stories meet in the last scene, a costume sex party. At the party Rocky de Sade is chained to the floor, where he is urinated and defecated on by prostitutes.


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  1.17 GB
Resolution:  720x576
Duration:  01:05:45

https://rapidgator.net/file/0159df45660 … r.mp4.html



Director: Claude Pierson
Notes: title of hard version, video release

Alternate Titles
• La Fille à la Fourrure original title, soft version
• The Girl in the Fur Coat
• Naked Lovers
• The Porno Zombies
• Starship Eros

• Barbara Moose plays Grace
• Liliane Lemieuvre plays an extra-terrestrial
• Ursula White plays Agnés

• Richard Lemieuvre plays an extra-terrestrial
• Didier Aubriot plays Georges
• Alban Ceray plays Henri


Format:  AVI
Size:  807 MB
Resolution:  720x576
Duration:  01:24:10

https://keep2s.cc/file/53550065c9ce5/Th … mbiess.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/iaghctvq/The_P … mbiess.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/417c20ba50c … s.avi.html



Released: 1976
Director: Terry Sullivan (as Katrina Lee)
Writer: Tom Woodruff (story)
Country : USA


* Bonnie Mulford [Facial]
* Candida Royalle (as Mary Pierson)
* Carole Tong (as Rita Johnson)
* Diane Baxter [LezOnly]
* Maureen Kelly [NonSex]
* Sandy Pinney (as Anne Beaty) [Facial]
* Shirley White [Facial]
* Susan Critz [LezOnly]


* Chad Tipton
* Jim Stampler [NonSex]
* Joey Silvera (as Rick Hassler)
* Lou Hanton
* Mike Thornton
* Steve Brown
* Tom Cannon

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Diane Baxter
* Scene 2. Candida Royalle, Steve Brown
* Scene 3. Diane Baxter, Susan Critz
* Scene 4. Bonnie Mulford, Chad Tipton
* Scene 5. Shirley White, Mike Thornton
* Scene 6. Shirley White, Chad Tipton
* Scene 7. Sandy Pinney, Joey Silvera,
* Scene 8. Sandy Pinney, Chad Tipton
* Scene 9. Candida Royalle, Lou Hanton
* Scene 10. Carole Tong, Tom Cannon
* Scene 11. Carole Tong, Chad Tipton

Candida Royale is the only well-known performer in this blue movie oddity. Even though this film has a disjointed travelogue feel - the sex filmed showcases all the earmarks of authentic classic erotica - especially featuring this early footage of the nubile Ms. Royale at the ranch.

Format:  AVI
Size:  1.01 GB
Resolution:  576x416
Duration:  01:12:50


https://keep2s.cc/file/5268d42ed6697/Po … _1981_.avi



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1971
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Gerard Damiano
Starring: Karen Clark, Laura Cannon, Tina Russell, Jason Russell, Russ Carlson

Description: This volume of vulgarity opens with a stinky bum in a sailor's cap and black face (!) wandering around a park. He eats out of a garbage can until a yummy brunette sitting on a bench takes pity on him and feeds him her sandwich. The vagrant pulls a soiled dollar bill out of his pocket, folds it into a ring and places it on her finger. It magically turns into a beautiful ruby ring (or a cheap piece of costume jewelry, take your pick). The ring turns her into an insatiable nymphomaniac. "If I don't get laid, I'll just die!" she pants. She dresses up in slutty lingerie and pulls out a sizable rubber schlong. Inserting it into her hairy hole, she gives herself a sheet-clutching orgasm. "I wish it were a real prick." she moans, and - Eureka! A naked stud appears out of thin air, hung like an elk. He sucks her toes. She sucks something of his a little more personal. The ring brings all of her horny wishes to life. She samples women and a few more boneslingers. There's also a dominitrix segment involving some whippage. After a hop, skip and a hump, she says, "I want more people!" This leads to a sizzling orgy and more toe sucking. Happy ending? Nope. In a last minute twist they strangle her with the whip! The ring falls off her cold dead body and another girl puts it on. Confused? Me too. Horny? Me too.

Format:  AVI
Size:  700 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  00:51:49


https://keep2s.cc/file/6f3c51fecc303/Bo … _1971_.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/f33d539d7fa … _.avi.html




The legendary John Holmes reprises his role as hard nosed and hard cocked private detective Johnny Wadd. As a beautiful babe from his past hires him to find her missing brother his quest quickly becomes a saga of unique, hard core feats from porn's raunchy early days!


Bonnie Holiday
Paula Wain (as Christian Sarver) [Facial]
Georgina Spelvin
Jessica Temple-Smith [Facial]
Linda Wong
Yvonne Green (as Mimi Zuber)


Bob Chinn (as Daniel Husong) [NonSex]
Elliot Lewis [NonSex]
Jimi Lee
John Holmes (as John C. Holmes)
Jay Gamble (as Jon Gimbel) [NonSex]
Jon Martin (as Lyle Stewart)
Steve Balint [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Linda Wong, Jon Martin
Scene 2. Paula Wain, John Holmes
Scene 3. Jessica Temple-Smith, John Holmes
Scene 4. Georgina Spelvin, Linda Wong
Scene 5. Bonnie Holiday, John Holmes
Scene 6. Yvonne Green, Jimi Lee
Scene 7. Paula Wain, John Holmes
Scene 8. Georgina Spelvin, John Holmes

Format:  AVI
Size:  1.37 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:20:36


https://keep2s.cc/file/fe4e3d17b26be/Th … _1977_.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/df9qom3g/The_J … _1977_.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/e1255f89ef2 … _.avi.html



The Golden Age of Danish Pornography is a collection of vintage 8mm hardcore films from the 1970s directed by Danish Porn Pioneer Freddy Weiss. In the 1970s Weiss started making his own pornographic films and released them in series such as Playgirl and Venus Films. Considered as lost films for decades Pink Flamingo Entertainment have finally unearthed the original negatives of many of these classic films and are proud to present them on DVD.

1) Unknown � After The Party
2) Venus Film 2003 � Anal Satisfaction
3) Venus Film 3 � Big Date
4) Venus Film 12 � Birthday Sex
5) Playgirl Film 6 � Burning Arse
6) Venus Film 8 � Office Sex (aka Climax De Luxe 6 � Hoopy Hoopy)
7) Venus Film 9 � Picnic (aka Playgirl Film � Picnic aka Climax De Luxe � Picknick aka Bonaparte Film � Camping Sex)
8) Unknown � Pleasant Interruption
9) Sex Fantasies 4 � Mr Hot Dog (aka Served Black)
10) Venus Film 4 � The Negro And The Maid
11) Playhouse Film 106 � Triangle Sex

Format:  Mkv
Size:  1.57 GB
Resolution:  696x572
Duration:  01:34:54


https://keep2s.cc/file/066d844d67f55/Th … aphy_2.mkv
http://uploaded.net/file/8bbzk2zk/The_G … aphy_2.mkv



Starring :
* Janine Reynaud . Maude
* Jacques Insermini . Olivier
* Nathalie Zeiger . Florence
* Pauline Larrieu . Claire
* Georges Guéret . Patrick
* Stan Rol
* Nadia Vasil
* Eric Edwards . Sex Footage Guy (uncredited)
* Day Jason .
* Sex Footage Girl #1 (uncredited)
* Darby Lloyd Rains . Sex Footage Girl #3 (uncredited)

Oliver has a wife, Maude - and a mistress - Clare. Maude decides to entertain Oliver's amorous wandering as long as she can control them. She brings Florence, a vibrant and very attractive 18-yera-old, to live
with them and to seduce Oliver. The plan works, and Oliver soon gives up his mistress Clare for the younger Florence.
As the plot develops, Florence not only captivates and controls Oliver, but Maude as well.
The Felines is a new film from France that is sure to change the future of erotic cinema.

Here is the English version of this worthwhile film so English speakers can now follow along with the story.
This film was billed as the first French porno to hit the US uncut!
I read that the actors filmed only soft-core scenes and the hardcore
was added later using body doubles.

* Scene 1. Jacques Insermini, Pauline Larrieu
* Scene 2. Jacques Insermini, Janine Reynaud
* Scene 3. Day Jason, Darby Lloyd Rains, Eric Edwards, Nancy Dare
* Scene 4. Jacques Insermini, Pauline Larrieu
* Scene 5. Jacques Insermini, Pauline Larrieu
* Scene 6. Jacques Insermini, Pauline Larrieu
* Scene 7. George Guerret, Janine Reynaud
* Scene 8. Jacques Insermini, Nathalie Zeiger
* Scene 9. Jacques Insermini, Janine Reynaud


Format:  AVI
Size:  745 MB
Resolution:  576x432
Duration:  01:17:54

https://rapidgator.net/file/37a33a34de4 … _.avi.html



Angel Ducharme (as Angel)
Delania Raffino (as Barbara Bills)
K.C. Winters (as Casey Winters)
Christine DeShaffer (as Christine De Shaffer) [Facial]
Desiree Cousteau [BJOnly]
Francoise Ducharme
Lisa Sue Corey (as Lisa Sue Cory) [Facial]
Mimi Morgan

Blair Harris (as David Blair)
Don Fernando [BJOnly]
Geoff Reardon
John Leslie
Lou Behr [NonSex]
Richard Pacheco (as Marc Howard) [BJOnly]
Mike Ranger

Scene 1. K.C. Winters, Mike Ranger
Scene 2. K.C. Winters, Lisa Sue Corey, Mike Ranger
Scene 3. Angel Ducharme, Blair Harris, Delania Raffino, Francoise Ducharme, Geoff Reardon
Scene 4. Lisa Sue Corey, Mimi Morgan
Scene 5. Christine DeShaffer, Richard Pacheco
Scene 6. Christine DeShaffer, John Leslie
Scene 7. Desiree Cousteau, Don Fernando
Scene 8. Delania Raffino, John Leslie, Mimi Morgan

"With television station KCIZ at the bottom of the ratings, management brings in sultry Lorraine Peters (Mimi Morgan), who demands a little more sugar and spice in the evening news. What follows is a hilarious and heated tour of behind the scenes bodaciousness which involves staff, sponsors and crew. Things come to a head when the crew is sent out to get to the bottom of things at a local massage parlor - and are there ever some shapely bottoms to get to! John Leslie turns in one of his best performances as the smooth operating anchorman who keeps finding himself confronted with sexy young women willing to do anything and everything to make the headlines. Stay tuned to the tube for the evening nudes!"


Format:  Mkv
Size:  513 MB
Resolution:  720x548
Duration:  01:15:44

https://rapidgator.net/file/ad4ba1d6bf7 … y.mkv.html



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1973
Distributor: Alpha Blue Archives
Director: Duke Latifundia
Starring: Jill Sweete (as Gloria Perry), Louise Martin, Annette Michael (as Mary Dunhill), Carmel Monterey (as Michelle Watson), Sandy Dempsey (as Susan Hardon), Keith Erickson (as Bud Trent), Rick Lutze, Ted Birth

Description: A groovy hipster discovers a hookah containing a stoned genie. Cardboard sets, funny dialog and a busty brunette make this a swinging 70's winner!

Format:  AVI
Size:  641 MB
Resolution:  704x480
Duration:  00:56:04





Caballero Home Video
Anne Perry-Rhine (as Ann Perry)


Bethanna [Facial]
Carol Connors
K.C. Winters (as Casey Winters) [LezOnly]
Eileen Wells (as Eileen Weller)
Desiree West (as Pat Lee)
Shadow Neva [NonSex]

Aldo Ray [NonSex]
Andy Greg [NonSex]
Charles Koutz [NonSex]
Mick Jones (as Dashill Miguele)
Jack Birch
Tyler Reynolds (as Jason Welles)
Jesse Adams
John Hollabaugh
John Seeman

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Carol Connors, Jack Birch
Scene 2. Bethanna, John Hollabaugh
Scene 3. Desiree West, Mick Jones
Scene 4. K.C. Winters, Desiree West
Scene 5. Bethanna, John Hollabaugh
Scene 6. Bethanna, Jesse Adams, John Seeman
Scene 7. Eileen Wells, Tyler Reynolds
Scene 8. Eileen Wells, Tyler Reynolds

Format:  AVI
Size:  912 MB
Resolution:  720x480
Duration:  01:35:03


Download Sweet Savage (1978)
https://keep2s.cc/file/b7db41854c804/Sw … _1978_.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/xsujrqtl/Sweet … _1978_.avi



Suce-moi vampire

Released: 1975
Director: Jean Rollin as Michel Gand
Notes: hard core horror, made at the same time as Lèvres de sang, 1974

Alternate Titles
• Suck Me Vampire 1975

• Anita Berglund plays a vampire
• Béatrice Harnois
• Catherine Castel non-sex, plays a vampire
• Claudine Beccarie
• Eva Quang plays the Asian vampire
• Marie-Pierre Castel non-sex, plays a vampire
• Martine Grimaud
• Nathalie Perrey
• Sylvia Bourdon


Format:  Wmv
Size:  1.26 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:11:01

https://keep2s.cc/file/3a4fcf98129f8/Su … _1975_.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/t1gzo06y/Suce_ … _1975_.wmv
https://rapidgator.net/file/01212ca4f32 … _.wmv.html



Year: 1973
Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Walt Davis (as David Stefans)

* B.J. Dyke
* Becky Sharpe
* Carla Crabbe
* Connie Lingus
* Mona Leasah

* George Peters
* Hardy Bull
* Heywood Hymen IV
* John Holmes
* Kenny Dooer
* Rick Lutze
* Russell Blue


Format:  Mkv
Size:  1.11 GB
Resolution:  712x480
Duration:  00:56:33

https://keep2s.cc/file/db55cb9dd0e10/St … anger_.mkv
http://uploaded.net/file/2v6ecsu7/Stran … anger_.mkv
https://rapidgator.net/file/d716e0ea7e5 … _.mkv.html



Starring: Sharon Mitchell, Jessica Jewel, Colleen Davis, Beth Anna, Herschel Savage, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Heather Young, Jill Munroe, Gina Harlow, Victoria Corsaut, Beerbohn Tree, Robert Bolla, Marissa Lynn, Tony Mansfield, Gerard Damiano.

Director Gerard Damiano was without a doubt at the top of the adult film industry. Every film he shot during the era was a subtle masterpiece of erotic entertainment. Damiano focused on character in his films, crafting believable scenarios and situations for them to explore. The result was a style of sexvid that hasn't been seen since, psychologically driven yet intensely sexual. This opus focuses on the making of a porn flick, but it doesn't take the standard 'casting couch' approach to the subject. Instead, Damiano focuses on the seedier side of the business, letting his cameras capture the back stage machinations between an ambitious director and his sleazy strip club owning financier. Things really take a turn for the dramatic when youthful porn starlet Colleen Davis gets kidnapped by twisted stalker Jamie Gillis. Jamie's character has convinced himself that Colleen wants him as much as he wants her, so he abducts her and subjects her to his every wanton whim. In the end, the question lingers - who's really taking advantage of Colleen, her director or her kidnapper? You'll be surprised by the shocking answer. Well written and beautifully shot, 'Skin Flicks' is without a doubt one of the classics of plot-driven porn.


Format:  AVI
Size:  1.19 GB
Resolution:  706x480
Duration:  01:25:22

https://rapidgator.net/file/52519dfbef3 … s.avi.html



Starring: Melanie Scott, Sharon Kane, Sheer Delight, Sheri St. Clair, Taija Rae, Buck Adams, Frank Serrone, Michael Knight, Robert Bullock.
NonSex Performers: Henri Pachard, Malcolm Zee, Scott Baker

About the film:
She Will Drive You Crazy!!
"Sex Drive" takes place in a rural town at a small highway truck stop, the "Drive-In." The dinettes: Rita Jo, Jeanie and Patty Ann and the "pump boys": Rusty, Peter and Abel are disinterested in their work until the neon sign goes on the blink and starts flashing "Sex Drive." Their work pace becomes frenzied as they lustily try to satisfy their hungry customers' needs. Now tractor trailer drivers and other rugged patrons can choose from a more exciting menu - that includes the dinettes as everyday's special. If the diner is empty, the dinettes and pump boys "cook" together. The thrills and action are non-stop as Chuck Vincent redefines the small-town sexual urge!

Format:  AVI
Size:  549 MB
Resolution:  576x432
Duration:  01:07:28


Download Sex Drive (1985)



Starring: Jenny Skrull, Johnny Storm, Cunty Savannah, Booze Philips, Maxine , Soozie Poppens, Naturelle Stinkbox, Cain Marco, Toad, Bijou , Meryl , Chester McCreep

Description: From an era that even our new administration can relate to, Historic Erotica proudly unveils our tribute to those free-loving free-thinking Sex Crazed Sluts Of The 1960's. Return with us now to those anything goes days of yesteryear, when birth control pills opened up all possibilities and women opened up as well. Whether it's a busty pigtailed babe in a bathtub, a hippy chick with headband taking it from two long-haired dudes in front and back, or two wild and wanton secretaries engaging their bosses in afternoon delights, you won't be seeing anything like it again today! And wait 'til you see the new technology utilized to the max by two hot and hungry coeds who don't need men when they can be tuned in and turned on by their very own fuckamatic machine. Break out the love beads and bellbottoms, and trip out on Sex Crazed Sluts Of The 1960's.


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  858 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  56 min 13 s

https://keep2s.cc/file/ac15e3bdaf257/Se … e_60_s.mp4
http://uploaded.net/file/63mcjxiw/Sex_C … e_60_s.mp4



Director: Pierre Unia (as Reine Pirau)
Writer: Pierre Unia (scenario)

Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 27 February 1980 (France) See more »

• Barbara Moose
• Elisabeth Buré
• Noelle Bellami
• Valérie Martin's
• Virginie Larsen

• André Miller


Format:  AVI
Size:  820 MB
Resolution:  720x576
Duration:  01:25:29

https://keep2s.cc/file/e3c86f346a75e/Se … lieres.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/55q0nb3e/Secre … lieres.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/cb225182661 … s.avi.html



Language : Italian
Directed by Jean Luret

André Chazel Is Mr Brand
France Lomay (as Francette Mayol) Is Lorraine
François Carrique
Jean-Marc Bernard
Patricia Belfont
Ricardo Palacios Is General Raimondo
Alain Plumey (scene from Les cochonnes)
Andrea Guzon
Charlie Schreiner (scene from Les cochonnes)
Dominique Lantennier
Elisabeth Buré (scene from Les cochonnes)
Herbert Hofer plays Frank Rivière
Marlène Miller (scene from Les cochonnes)
Mayka Grey
Patrice Maranzano (scene from Les cochonnes)
Paul Bisciglia plays Sylberstein
Rafael Ramallo palys Marito
Sandrine Pernelle (scene from Les cochonnes)
Sylvie Lemaire
Victor Samama


Format:  Wmv
Size:  1.49 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:15:28

https://rapidgator.net/file/98714c7489f … o.wmv.html



Country: USA
Director: Richard Mailer (as Mr. Mustard)
Genres: Adult | Comedy
Cast: Danielle Dupre Flo Rivers,Rob Astor,Bruce Swan,Mike Herder,Sara Leder,Dan Cummins

Format:  AVI
Size:  664 MB
Resolution:  480x360
Duration:  57 min 11 s





Released: 1979
Director: Gérard Loubeau
Notes: UTC Films de l'Etoile

Alternate Titles
• Hot Sisters West Germany, UVG
• Les Petites garces
• Riches et garces

• Barbara Moose plays Mendel's secretary / Angelia / Angelique
• Brigitte Lahaie short, solo role
• Danièle Troeger as Muriel White, plays Isabelle

• Gilbert Servien plays M. Mendel
• Jacques Gato plays Paul
• Jacques Marbeuf
• Gil Duroc plays an Italian gigolo
• Désiré Bastareaud
• Alban Ceray

Format:  Wmv
Size:  833 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:22:01


https://rapidgator.net/file/ad63baf0d99 … s.wmv.html



Director: Carlos Tobalina
Year: 1971

Rene Bond . Female in talcum powder scene
Ron Darby
Anita de Moulin
Susan Harbor
William Howard
Ric Lutze . Male in baby oil scene
Rose Monroe
Liz Renay
George Bernard Sands


Format:  AVI
Size:  898 MB
Resolution:  688x384
Duration:  01:28:23

https://keep2s.cc/file/45a357fc14255/Re … n_Love.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/vswf7upk/Refin … n_Love.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/d0e07d7b0e9 … e.avi.html



Year: 1979
Country: Canada / France
Genre: Classic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: French

Director: Michel Caputo
Starring: Richard Allan, Karine Gambier, Jack Gatteau, Liliane Lemieuvre, Marie-Claude Viollet

Format:  wmv
Size:  933 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:11:13


https://rapidgator.net/file/727ad95ca6e … n.wmv.html



County: USA
language: English
Starring: Unknown

Description: The almost mystical allure of sweet pussy in pigtails Bangs and boobs can look nice, but to the pigtail fan, only this one will do! Unencumbered by hairspray and pretense, the gal who can wear pigtails is totally secure in her own feminism and sexuality. You don't have to go down to the farm to see these women, they are right here in Pretty In Pigtails.

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  904 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  59 min 11 s


https://keep2s.cc/file/06a40d22d1dac/Pr … ails_1.mp4
http://uploaded.net/file/9so40esg/Prett … ails_1.mp4



Released: 1977
Director: Serge Korber as John Thomas

• Barbara Moose as Martine Cemo
• Karine Gambier as Carine Gambier
• Myriam Benzerti
• Nadine Scant as Nadine Scandaburlo
• Ursula White

• Bob Asklof
• Dominique Aveline
• Richard Darbois
• Claude Loir
• Philippe Perrot
• Alain Plumey (Cyril Val)
• Alain Saury

Format:  Wmv
Size:  910 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:17:43


https://rapidgator.net/file/a3e90acba9f … o.wmv.html



Director: José Bénazéraf
• Christiane Surreau
• Lin Lay
• Morgane as Marianne Fournier (?)
• Mylene d'Antes
• XNK1389
• Z. Gremenech

• Gérard Ouradou
• Philippe Tremain
• Gérard Grégory
• Jacques Couderc, non-sex, plays the gardener


Format:  Wmv
Size:  479 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:11:59

https://keep2s.cc/file/6802dea77b0c6/Pe … abelle.wmv
https://rapidgator.net/file/fb03f681655 … e.wmv.html



Released: 1979
Director: Jean Desvilles as Georges Fleury


* Morgane plays Marianne (Mademoiselle Perrin)
* Daniele Troeger mostly archive footage, plays the sister
* Brigitte Lahaie archive footage
* Dawn Cumming archive footage
* Diane Dubois brief, archive footage
* Erika Cool archive footage
* Jocelyne Clairis archive footage
* Laurence Thibault archive footage
* Siegried Cellier archive footage
* Valerie Martin's
* XNK2473


* Andre Chazel plays J. P. Berger, the private detective (body double for h/c)
* Guy Royer, plays the sister's husband, archive footage
* Charlie Schreiner, plays the sister's lover, archive footage


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  703 MB
Resolution:  696x524
Duration:  01:16:43

https://keep2s.cc/file/741ca8d436c3e/Ny … _1979_.mp4
https://rapidgator.net/file/4fd74f69d75 … _.mp4.html



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2 October 1972 (Sweden) See more »
Directors: Michael Benveniste (uncredited), Howard Ziehm (uncredited)
Cast: Fifi Watson, Judy Angel, Susan Stewart, Calvin Victor, Gerard Broulard, Orrin North

Mona is engaged but wants to remain untouched until she is married. However, since her childhood she has had a fascination for blow jobs, which her fiancée has benefited from. He arranges a sex party where Mona has many opportunities to further her capability in this field.


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  1.27 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:53:26

https://keep2s.cc/file/9f8fd8888147b/Mo … _1970_.mp4
http://uploaded.net/file/ikyubewd/Mona_ … _1970_.mp4



Language : ITALIAN - the soundtrack is in French
poor image quality

Alternate Titles
• Les Fleurs du diable
• Medioevo erotiko Italy

La pipe au bois (1975)
85 min

Directed by Maxime Debest
Writing credits(in alphabetical order)
Jacques Chaumelle writer
Maxime Debest writer

Cast (in credits order)

Alice Arno. Margot
Catherine Tailleferre. Yolande
Denis Le Guillou. Éric (as Denis Guillou)
Pierre Taylou
Gérard Couderc
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Michel Charrel. Le chasseur
Louis d'Harmerault. Le voyageur
Chantal Fourquet
Robert Le Ray. Stober (as Robert Leray)
Lucette Querou. La châtelaine
Claudia Zante. La voyageuse
Produced by Serge Gracieux.. executive producer
Jean Wonder.. producer


Format:  Wmv
Size:  1.40 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:18:53

https://keep2s.cc/file/c71c9ca4ce121/Me … rotiko.wmv
https://rapidgator.net/file/fecbed84991 … o.wmv.html



Year of production: 1993.
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Duration: 1:10:35 + 01:09:04
English language

Directed by Paul Norman
Studio: Fat Dog

Cast: Ariana. Madison, P.J. Sparxx, Shayla LaVeaux, Cal Jammer, Nick East, Tom Byron, Wayne Summers, Alicia Rio, Chris Collins, Jake Steed

Description: The pain of the needle ... the pleasure of the touch ... the art of tattooing ... you will never forget the sting of being Marked. The sexual escapades of these tattoo artists gets real hot as everyone starts dipping their pen in the company ink, so to speak.

Download Marked 1

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  732 MB
Resolution:  576x432
Duration:  01:10:34


https://keep2s.cc/file/b64bc52ea18b9/Ma … zzzcap.mp4
http://uploaded.net/file/o1db6gyo/Marke … zzzcap.mp4

Download Marked 2

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  827 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:09:03


https://keep2s.cc/file/4e1fa965a8cdb/Ma … zzzcap.mp4
http://uploaded.net/file/rrmpml52/Marke … zzzcap.mp4



Year of production: 1990.
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Lesbian
Duration: 01.19.04
English language

Directed by: Jim Enright
Cast: Aja, Jon Dough, Jennifer Peace, Eric Price, Paula Price, Raven, Joey Silvera, K.C. Williams, Devon Shire

Description: Laura and Kelly are tired of the same old thing. They want action and they want it now! And when these lovely ladies go for it, they find it fast! One look at them and the guys know exactly what's on their minds! Executive Video has come up with another smash hit with the best looking women and the hottest story yet! Do not miss Madame-X ... it's hot!


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  729 MB
Resolution:  576x432
Duration:  01:19:04

https://keep2s.cc/file/627cbc314981d/Ma … _1990_.mp4



Released: 1979
Director: Jean Luret as Ray Frededir
Notes: Cinémadis, 65 mins, shot in Quebec

Alternate Titles
• Le Facteur en vadrouille
• L'Oeil pervers
• Perversions profondes h/c video title, 82 mins, Space Video
• L'Œil et fantasmes sexuels Dir. Jean Luret as Jack Parry hardcore video (box?) title, 75 mins.

• Anne Requin plays Jenny
• Claudine Beccarie hardcore insert, archive footage from Hard Love (Jeunes filles perverses)
• Elodie Delage hardcore insert
• Fanny Magrier plays Carole

• Fabrice Marais plays Jean-Claude
• Victor Béniard plays Sarrazin

Format:  Wmv
Size:  823 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:15:01


https://rapidgator.net/file/9596379d99f … l.wmv.html



Released: c. 1979
Director: Michel Beaudricourt
Notes: 1 hr 10 mins, Visa no. 41924

• Cathy Stewart plays in the movie being shown
• Julia Perrin plays in the movie being shown
• Nadine Roussial plays the cashier in the porn cinema
• Nicole Segaud plays the usherette in the cinema
• Sophie Duflot plays in the movie being shown
• Sophie Guers
• Susan Deloir plays in the movie being shown
• Valérie Martin's

• Richard Lemieuvre
• Dominique Aveline
• Alban Ceray
• Jacques Gateau

Format:  Wmv
Size:  604 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:10:31


https://keep2s.cc/file/ebcc9cbdfcbf7/L_ … ulotte.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/y0lhdot1/L_ouv … ulotte.wmv
https://rapidgator.net/file/5d3fd350f93 … e.wmv.html



Director: Peter Rafael
Notes: Visa no. 49540

Alternate Titles
• Fucking Lessons West Germany
• Wenn es Nacht wird im Lyzeum
• From Encyclociné : Lycéennes en partouze (les) + Femelles

• Barbara Moose as Eva Nil
• Elodie Delage
• Karine Gambier uncredited
• Lucie Doll as Claire Brogniart, or uncrdited in some versions
• Mika Barthel uncredited
• Noelle
• Samantha

Credited males
• Cyril Val
• Jacques Gatteau as Divan Ledoux
• Bernard Baudouin


Format:  Wmv
Size:  685 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:20:41

https://keep2s.cc/file/349fc578facf7/Ly … verses.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/9wl09zz1/Lycee … verses.wmv
https://rapidgator.net/file/7e82cb9c48d … s.wmv.html



Production year: 1977
Genre : Feature
Duration: 1:22:38
Language: German

Directed by : Lasse Braun
Studio : Love Film Production


* Catherine Ringer as Lolita da Nova, plays Monique
* Chantal Virapin plays the nurse
* Cristel Lauris as Christine Louis, plays Mrs Smith
* Diane d'Osny as Diane de Solange, plays Gloria
* Emmanuelle Rivière plays Samantha
* Evelyne Manta as Frederique Souchier, plays Gaby
* Gwenda Farnel as Glenda Farrel, plays the mother
* Micky Love as Michèle d'Agro, plays Giselle
* Susi Panorama plays Belinda (non-sex)

Egafd and the film's end credits list Constanze Hill, Elfie Becker, Giselle Ferrard, and Martha Schneider - but these names are not linked to any other films at Egafd or IMDb.


* Dominique Pascal plays Dominique
* Tony Morena plays the stepfather
* Manu Guerra plays Paul
* Jean-Louis Vattier, as Michel Dupont plays Mr. Smith (non-sex)
* Jean-Gérard Sorlin plays the golfer
* Jacques Gateau plays the doctor
* Louison Boutin plays a mechanic
* Raymond Ximay plays a mechanic

Love Inferno is the story of a smouldering family conflict which ends in disaster.

Dominique and Monique are brother and sister. Their father Alfons has died recently and their mother, Lena, has married Richard, an unsympathic older guy whom they dislike. Richard's affair with Belinda, the family's maid does not make things easier. Lena, who's infected with class snobbery, doesn't tolerate her son's girlfriend Gaby. This is definitely not a harmonious family life.

The story begins with Alfons's funeral. In the next scene Dominique and Gaby are standing on a balcony. Through her binoculars she watches the older neighbor having sex with his blonde secretary. Meanwhile in the living-room, Richard phones Gerard, an estate agent and golf teacher of his stepdaughter. He wants to sell the house.

When blonde Belinda arrives he unbuttons her blouse and caresses her breasts. But he can't go further because Lena and Monique suddenly arrive at home. When Lena meets Gaby she asks her to leave the house immediately. At lunch the strained relations between the family members become more and more evident.

Dominique meets Gaby at the sand dunes. But they are not alone. Jealous Andy, her former lover and two of his friends trap them. While Dominique is knocked down Gaby has sex with Andy. When he's finished the other two guys plug her holes too.

Dominique awakens in the hospital with his sister sitting by his bed. She slides her hand under the blanket where everything seems to be allright. When she's gone Dominique becomes active. Through a ventilating grid in his room he observes the doctor 'examaning' the black nurse. Suddenly his mother arrives accompanied by Gloria who's a teacher of astrology. He pretends not to remember her but we have seen him baring and touching her ass cheeks at the cemetery. You know .. mothers can be so curious!

Meanwhile Monique gets private lessons from Samantha, a history schoolmistress, who turns out to be an expert in pussy licking. But we also learn from her that 'love inferno' is not only a stupid movie title, but an historical sex technique invented by A. .. (you won't believe it) Education is suddenly disturbed by the butler who's a 'client' begging for sexual humiliation. No problem! When Mr. and Mrs Smith arrive she gives him a fresh golden shower which is really delicious.

Meanwhile Dominique visits Gloria. She has just given a lecture to her students and now focuses all her spiritual and sexual energy on him. Even Lin the curious cutie watching them can learn a lot from her.

Outdoors Gerard teaches Monique the golf swing but he's not only interested in golf holes. He seems to be a lousy lover so she wants more . much more! Bondage sex!

In the next scene her dreams come true. Blindfolded and chained to the bed she gets fucked by two older guys. The one who sprays his cum over her face is a 'good' friend - her stepfather! On the next day she tells the rest of the family about his perversions and the situation escalates dramatically. Dominique knocks him down and leaves the house together with his sister. Lena also drives away in her Mercedes. Only Belinda understands him and her nice tits help him to get over things.

Meanwhile Lena has a breakdown but the two mechanics are much more interested in her legs than in repairing her car. Monique and Dominique find the deserted car on the side of the road. In the very last scene they discover her but the spectators don't see her. Just her moaning can be heard.

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  684 MB
Resolution:  720x576
Duration:  01:22:38


Download Love Inferno (1977)
https://keep2s.cc/file/0363ca90f45ac/Lo … no1977.mp4



Language : Italian
Director: Patrice Rhomm as Homere Bingo
Alternate Titles
• Les Petites jouisseuses
• Vivienne Dir. given as Tilda Thamar Italian video title, stolen from anotehr film

• Michèle le Brumann as Lise Badia, Brigitte Blanche or uncredited, plays Denise
• Nicole Velna as Lise Badia, Brigitte Blanche or uncredited, plays Aina the stranger
• XNK0899 as Lise Badia, Brigitte Blanche or uncredited, plays Claudine
• XNK0900 as Lise Badia, Brigitte Blanche or uncredited, plays Fernande
Vivienne seems to be a stolen title for the Italian video, aka L'Appel, also stolen. It has fake credits - dir. Tilda Thamar, starring Tilda Thamar, Jurgen Drews, Angelo Bassi, Michel Lemoine, Mara Hendrich.
It actually stars -
• Nicole Velna
• Michèle le Brumann, a brunette, maid at the chalet-hotel
• XNK0899 another brunette, wife of the manager
• XNK0900 a thirty-ish blonde, assistant in ski shop

• Gérard St Denis plays Henry
• Bernard Photzer plays Bertrand
• Patrice Rhomm plays Gilles the journalist


Format:  Wmv
Size:  471 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:07:25

https://rapidgator.net/file/ea387957478 … e.wmv.html



Exzesse in der Frauenklinik aka La clinique des fantasmes aka RX for Sex (1978)

Year: 1978
Country: France
Duration: 1:13:07

Starring: Richard Lemieuvre, Mika Barthel, Brigitte Lahaie, Alban Ceray, Jean-Pierre Armand, Guy Berardant, Monique Carrere, Thierry de Brem, Sophie Duflot, Catherine Greiner, France Lomay, Barbara Moose, Julia Perrin, Carmelo Petix, Cyril Val , Brigitte Verbecq

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Alban Ceray, France Lomay
* Scene 2. Alban Ceray, Brigitte Lahaie
* Scene 3. Alban Ceray, Mika Barthel
* Scene 4. Brigitte Lahaie, Richard Lemieuvre
* Scene 5. Mika Barthel, Richard Lemieuvre
* Scene 6. Guy Berardant, Monique Carrère
* Scene 7. Claude Irrison, Monique Carrère
* Scene 8. Mika Barthel, Morgane, Richard Lemieuvre
* Scene 9. Sophie Duflot
* Scene 10. Jean-Pierre Armand, Julia Perrin
* Scene 11. Jean-Pierre Armand, Julia Perrin, Richard Lemieuvre, Sophie Duflot
* Scene 12. Barbara Moose, Carmelo Petix, Cyril Val, guy
* Scene 13. Cyril Val, Mika Barthel
* Scene 14. Brigitte Verbecq, Richard Lemieuvre
* Scene 15. Barbara Moose, Cathy Stewart, Brigitte Verbecq, Mika Barthel, Richard Lemieuvre, Sophie Guers


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  770 MB
Resolution:  688x576
Duration:  01:13:08

https://keep2s.cc/file/8b51a5eaf02b0/Ex … _1978_.mp4
http://uploaded.net/file/istc2oys/Exzes … _1978_.mp4



Original Title

* Lèche-moi partout

Alternate Titles

* Das Lustobjekt (Germany - Venus 1011) [credit: film1270]
* Serva perversa - baby doll (Italy)
* La Servante Perverse (video re-issue title and DVD title)
* Services Rendered (USA)

Production year: 1978
Country: France
Genre: Feature, Straight, Classic
Duration: 00:57:10

Directed by: Francis Leroi
Studio: Alpha France

Jenny Feeling
Karine Gambier as Carine Stephen
Lydie Beggy
Monique Carrère uncredited
Samantha plays the burglary 'victim'
Sophie Bulle uncredited, orgy scene, shared footage with Je suis à prendre?, Not in the DVD version

Description: Max is tired of burglaries and women. Determined to change direction in life, he starts working as a chauffeur and discovers in horror that his boss is none other than five women of various ages, all perverted, particularly the servant. One of the rare appearances by the tantalizing Jenny Feeling. A huge hit from the golden age of France's Cinema X era, this film debuted in Paris cinemas.

Format:  Mkv
Size:  675 MB
Resolution:  704x468
Duration:  00:57:10


Download La Servante Perverse (1978)
https://keep2s.cc/file/911f399680069/La … rverse.mkv
http://uploaded.net/file/smn98cjm/La.Se … rverse.mkv



Year of production: 1976.
Country: France
Genre: All Sex, Classic
Duration: 1:20:06
Language: French

Director: Jean Rollin as Michel Gentil
Studio: Encore


Carole Gire as Chris Martin, plays Carole, the maid to the baron
Catherine Castel plays a party guest
Jackie Dartois plays the baroness
Julie Bouche as Antonia, plays a party guest
Karine Gambier as Karin, plays the real '' comtesse Ixe '', and a late arrival at the party / orgy
Rachel Mhas as Rachel Maas on a video box, plays the masked burglar and fake countess
Sandrine Pernelle plays a party guest

A group of friends come together in the woods near the castle a kleptomaniac is hiding and waiting to take the advance of the partygoers. She introduces herself as a countess. The thief however wants to go a bit further and poisons the champagne with an aphrodisiac so that in no time all partygoers are deeply involved in a big orgy. Meanwhile the real countess Ixe arrives on the scene ...

Format:  MKV
Size:  1.30 GB
Resolution:  696x576
Duration:  01:20:05


Download La Comtesse Ixe (1976)
https://keep2s.cc/file/4d20a50acec66/La … Encore.mkv
http://uploaded.net/file/qggr8diq/La_Co … Encore.mkv



Actress: Uschi Karnat
Categories: Uschi Karnat porn videos, 1969, Denmark, English, Uschi Karnat
Language: English
Year: 1969
Country: Denmark

Format:  AVI
Size:  615 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  56 min 46 s


https://keep2s.cc/file/1b965c4f627f2/Ko … Sex__3.avi



Language: English
Director: Anthony Spinelli

Chris Cassidy. Montana (as Suzette Holland)
Delania Raffino. Margo
Jack Wright. Vincent
Joey Silvera. Joey Donovon (as Joey Civera)
Desiree West. Jenny (as Desirée West)
Blair Harris. A Man (as David Blair)

Scene 1. Blair Harris, Delania Raffino
Scene 2. Delania Raffino, Joey Silvera
Scene 3. Cris Cassidy, Jack Wright
Scene 4. Delania Raffino, Desiree West
Scene 5. Cris Cassidy, Jack Wright
Scene 6. Cris Cassidy, Delania Raffino

"Margo, divorced, young and beautiful is unsatisfied with her life. She needs a change, new experiences. She publishes a small ad in a newspaper for partner-swapping asking for a young woman who looks to live the same experience. A nice and sensual woman answers to her small ad. They meet and decide to make love with the husband of one of Margo's friend. The resulting situations reach the summits of sensuality and eroticism ! Those two exciting and superb women will go to your head. Believe it!"


Format:  Wmv
Size:  1.01 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:09:51

https://keep2s.cc/file/23acb695dd413/J_ … _1977_.wmv
https://rapidgator.net/file/47302ae9d92 … _.wmv.html



Year of production: 1984
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
English language

Director: Joseph F. Robertson (as Adele Robbins)
Studio: Snowflake Films

Cast: Kristara Barrington
Bunny Bleu
Scott Irish
Crystal lake
Desiree Lane
Tamara Longley
Pat Manning
William Margold
Shaun michelle
Herschel Savage
John Stagliano
Renee Summers
Paul Thomas
Randy west

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  905 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:00:00


Download Erotic Aerobics (1984)
https://keep2s.cc/file/7b5f74bd5dd09/Er … robics.mp4



Released: 1981
Director: José Bénazéraf

Dominique Saint Claire
Jane Baker
Nicole Segaud

Males :
Richard Lemieuvre
Guy Royer

Format:  Matroska
Size:  782 MB
Resolution:  880x320
Duration:  01:13:19


https://keep2s.cc/file/00899b3405624/Do … _1981_.mkv
https://rapidgator.net/file/d3138509e13 … _.mkv.html



Country: USA
Language: English
Cast Bryce Gray, Ron Jerem,Dana Lynn

Its a WORLD of big tits in the palm of your HAND! Only one word comes to mind when you take a look at whats inside this filthy feature!

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  949 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:07:24


https://rapidgator.net/file/cb5da8dbf69 … _.mp4.html



Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 10 January 1979 (France)
Director: Jean-Claude Roy (as Patrick Aubin)
Writer: Jean-Claude Roy (as Patrick Aubin)

• Brigitte Lahaie plays Barbara
• Nicole Velna as Nicole Natte, plays Amanda, the butler's girl friend
• Marie-Claude Viollet

• Dominique Aveline
• Alban Ceray
• Hubert Geral

Brigitte Lahaie and Hubert Géral are a couple who employ a butler (Alban Ceray, credited as Alban). Brigitte is sent a porn film and gets interested. She spies on Alban having sex with his girlfriend (Nicole Natte) and gets turned on. Eventually she seduces him and joins in with his girlfriend. Her husband sees this and also joins in. They seduce a friend, invite another man (Dominique Aveline) to join their games, etc. Brigitte is devastated when Alban leaves, but they advertise for a replacement 'sex slave'. The film ends with the replacment (not seen) ringing the door bell. Brigitte goes to answer, naked from the waist down, with cum over her bum.

Format:  Mkv
Size:  1.50 GB
Resolution:  720x464
Duration:  01:29:49


https://keep2s.cc/file/cdfd3059520e0/Co … _1978_.mkv
http://uploaded.net/file/fh1jrvc0/Coupl … _1978_.mkv
https://rapidgator.net/file/6bda97b2e9b … _.mkv.html



Darby Lloyd Rains [Facial]
Jennifer Jordan
Judy Craven
Day Jason (as Regina Lee)
Roberta Findlay [NonSex]
Sandy Fox
Alan Marlow (as Alan Marlo)
Elmen Steel
Eric Edwards
Jamie Gillis
Marc Stevens (as Mark Stevens)

This film centers on a man who does not treat women well. A woman who loves him gets pregnant and he kicks her
out of his apartment - telling her that he doesn't want to see her anymore.
He later gets hit by a VW Bus and goes to heaven. . An angel says that he has to go back to Earth as a woman
to experience what a woman feels. He gets sent back as Darby Lloyd Rains, has a one-nighter with Marc Stevens, sees his old girlfriend having "lesbo love", and winds up falling for a photographer (Jamie Gillis), who winds up treating him much like he/she had handled his old girlfriend when he/she was a male.Karma is definitely a bitch.
Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  1.36 GB
Resolution:  720x464
Duration:  01:14:52





Production year: 1975
Country: France / Germany
Genre : Feature, Classic
Duration: 1:30:29

Directed by : Jack Guy / Jacques Orth
Studio : Alpha France / Mike Hunter

Starring : * France Quénie
* Gina Janssen plays Lisbeth
* Marie-José Pontello
* Marlène Myller plays Rose
* Uschi Stiegelmaier
* XNK2573 plays Vera
* Eric Falk
* Gabriel Pontello

Description : M. Dupont (Eric Falk) runs a modelling agency, for glamour models, and apparently he doesn't mind if the clients get a bit touchy-feely. That, and generally being treated like doormats incenses Rose (Marlene Myller) and the other girls, and they want to do something about it - though it is not entirely clear what, apart from Rose donning the uniform of a Cuban revolutionary.

An attempt to embarrass Dupont at his birthday party has little impact as the party turns into an orgy anyway. So the girls decide to steal the photos for Dupont's current major client, and have a little talk with Dupont at his villa where France Quenie and Uschi Stiegelmaier play tennis in the nude before enjoying the company of the village hunk who later also has to satisfy Rose and Lisbeth (Gina Janssen). Meanwhile Dupont eats humble pie, at least verbally, and for giving in the girls reward him accordingly.

Format:  AVI
Size:  1004 MB
Resolution:  640x432
Duration:  01:28:33


https://keep2s.cc/file/dee8c061061f2/Br … x_1975.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/e37vlf54/Break … x_1975.avi



Cast (in credits order)

Yvonne Green. Elizabeth
Tyler Reynolds. Alan Byron (as Jason Wells)
Charla Miss 42. Girl Wearing Number 42 (as Charla Miss '42')
Jack Beardsley
Bonnie Coombs
Brian Appleby

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Mick Jones. Jake (uncredited)
Justina Lynn. Chris (uncredited)
Beth Ruberman. Sybil (uncredited)
Paul Scharf. Roger (uncredited)
Joey Silvera. John (uncredited)
Desiree West. Kit (uncredited)

Format:  AVI
Size:  567 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  00:30:00


https://keep2s.cc/file/729bf121a3660/Ex … _1975_.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/rvf9hyao/Extas … _1975_.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/3c693b66a5d … _.avi.html
http://turbobit.net/cztohfw471dj/Extase … _.avi.html



Alternate Titles

* French Finishing School (USA, Caballero)
* Im College ist die Hoelle los (Germany, Beate Uhse 0043)
* Johanna la porno farfalla (Italy)
* Tonarsflickornas Vilda Porrlekar (Sweden)

Year : 1979
Country: France
Genre : Classic
Length: 01:05:30.760

Director : Gerard Kikoine
Studio : Alpha France release


* Brooke West as Mary Cruiser, plays Samantha Morgan
* Cathy Stewart as Cathy Grenier, plays Mary
* Celine Gallone plays a student (non-sex)
* Desirée Cousteau plays a friend of Eric
* Martine Schultz plays Veronica, Samantha's schoolfriend
* Monique Carrère as Monique Carrière, fetish scene
* Nanci Disrober (?)
* XNK0126 Aunt Paula
* Two female students (blonde and mulatto)

* Thierry de Brem plays Eric, a professor
* John Oury plays Aunt Paula's servant
* Joël Charvier plays a friend of Eric
* Victor Samama plays the police inspector
* Jean-Pierre Armand plays the police sergeant and masked man in fetish scene
* Transvestite in car
* Three males masturbating around car, one of whom seems to be Claude Valmont
* Désiré Bastareaud is the black dwarf
* Dominique Irissou plays one of the students (non-sex)
* Rocky (from Les Enfilées & Parties de chasse en Sologne) plays one of the students (non-sex)

1. Samantha peeps on aunt and her male servant and then goes to her room and DPs herself with two bottles.
2. She peeps on Eric and Cathy Grenier and photographs them. This becomes a threesome with Desirйe Cousteau and then a foursome as another male.
3. After blackmailing Eric, Samantha tells him of her first sexual experience with a friend and two cops. We see this in a flashback. Brooke West makes great play of blowing bubbles with the gum she is chewing, timing the last to coincide with a pop-shot.
4. Samantha and Eric pick up a transvestite and go to the Bois de Boulogne (I assume) where men encircle the car and masturbate. Samantha leaves car and leans against bonnet [hood of car] exposing herself while they masturbate and Eric fucks her.
5. Samantha is taken to large room [where] a masked man, a big-boobed woman both in fetish gear and a black dwarf in white suit enter. They tie her to the table and grope her, then untie her and have sex.


Format:  Mkv
Size:  703 MB
Resolution:  720x440
Duration:  01:05:30

https://keep2s.cc/file/d965dd9f75641/In … e.1979.mkv
http://uploaded.net/file/oc164lco/Initi … e.1979.mkv



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1972
Distributor: Caballero Video
Director: Unknown
Starring: Claire McCall, Linda Porter, Melinda Curry, Tracie Foxx, Uschi Digart, Brad Fornier, John Holmes

Description: Mad scientist, Verner Sperm creates the ultimate weapon: The Orgy Machine! With it he can focus on anyone in the world and drive them mad with lust, filling them with such desire for constant sex that they lose control. With thousands of victims in his control like this, he could make a fortune having countries pay him to let their important officials return to a normal life by turning off his orgy machine and releasing them from its clutches.

But they didn't count on superagent John Holmes and his own secret weapon of mass 'pleasure'. It's a sexy struggle for world domination, but John has a plan to win back the bawdy and beautiful world class beauties. This is the master John Holmes at his absolute best!

Format:  AVI
Size:  1000 MB
Resolution:  544x416
Duration:  01:02:34


https://keep2s.cc/file/bcf6b57c2ef5c/Th … achine.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/f4ec1f81b94 … e.avi.html



Directed by:Michel Barny

Cathy Stewart , Alban Ceray , Richard Lemieuvre , Diane Dubois , Valerie Martin's , Gwenda Farnel

Stephanie, eine junge, rassige Frau von gerade Mitte 20 wird suchtig danach fremdzugehen. Dieses Spiel treibt sie so weit, bis sie auf der Strabe Manner anspricht, um sie regelrecht in Stundenhotels abzuschleppen. Stephanie treibt es immer exzessiver, bis sie in ihrer Wohnung einen Porno-Film drehen lasst.


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  1.25 GB
Resolution:  720x576
Duration:  01:25:25

https://keep2s.cc/file/6ef4aadfd729d/Fr … _1978_.mp4
https://rapidgator.net/file/e354dab1d50 … _.mp4.html



Director: Peter Locke as Abe Snake

* Erica Eaton
* Helen Madigan
* Jennifer Jordan
* Sandy Fox
* Susan Sloan
* Alan Marlow
* David Christopher
* David Davidson
* Eric Edwards
* Jamie Gillis
* Lefty Cooper
* Marc Stevens

Angela and Peter are siblings and have loved each other since they were kids. They are both physically attracted to each other but Peter is studying to become a priest. She finally gets in bed with him and after that Peter start to have second thoughts on his plans for the future.

Format:  AVI
Size:  1.09 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:13:19


https://keep2s.cc/file/eef8ccde8424e/Th … _Woman.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/d2ccf9d3f00 … n.avi.html



Country: USA
Year: 1981
Language: English
Director: David Buckley (as David MacKenzie)
Writer: Jim Buckley (as Jim MacKenzie)

In order to earn her wings, potential angel Angel Buns is dispatched to Earth to help middle-aged Sidney Pertzer, who is about to commit suicide out of frustration over his sexual ineptitude and inexperience. She makes a list of all the various sexual activities that Sydney has never engaged in and sets out to make sure that he fulfills every sexual fantasy he has ever had.


Format:  AVI
Size:  699 MB
Resolution:  704x528
Duration:  01:24:26

https://keep2s.cc/file/f81c2b2570dff/An … _1981_.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/895775952ef … _.avi.html



Released: 1977
Director: Michel Berny as Michel Barny
Notes: made in 1976

Carole Gire [BJOnly, Mast] (Lucie, Catherine's maid, Lucie)
Dawn Cummings [IR] (Catherine)
Emmanuelle Riviere [IR] (Catherine's neighbour)
Erika Cool (as Erika) (Sylvie)
Karine Gambier [BJOnly] (Héroine 'Shaft')

Daniel Bellus [NonSex]
Dominique Aveline [MastOnly] (Méchant 'Shaft')
Guy Royer (Marc)
Hubert Geral (Chauffeur de Taxi)
Jacques Insermini (Henri)
Jean Desforets (Julien)
Madou Sall (Shaft)

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Erika Cool, Guy Royer
Scene 2. Carole Gire
Scene 3. Dawn Cummings, Guy Royer
Scene 4. Dawn Cummings, Jean Desforets
Scene 5. Dawn Cummings, Jacques Insermini
Scene 6. Dawn Cummings, Erika Cool, Guy Royer
Scene 7. Dawn Cummings, Madou Sall
Scene 8. 2 guys, Dominique Aveline, Dawn Cummings, Hubert Geral
Scene 9. Carole Gire, Dawn Cummings, Jean Desforets, Erika Cool, Emmanuelle Riviere, Guy Royer, Hubert Geral, Jacques Insermini, Karine Gambier, Madou Sall

Catherine is a mousey office girl who writes steamy porn novels at home. Real life events such as her colleague Sylvie flirting with the boss, Marc, and her taxi getting stuck in a traffic jam trigger off her fantasies, which we see acted out, including a final orgy.


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  1.16 GB
Resolution:  700x520
Duration:  01:08:50

https://keep2s.cc/file/c68212feac247/De … no1976.mp4
https://rapidgator.net/file/bb3c2e1935c … 6.mp4.html



Year: 1972
Country: US
Actress: Kelly Lee, Geri Petty, Della Carol
Actors: Jason Yukon, Nick Barris, Randy Lance, Lance Larsen
Director: n/a
Distributor: Gourmet video

Everyone knows clothing buyers need incentives. Meet Eric's models. The youngest, sexiest, horniest incentives in town. These girls know how to close a sale, even if they have to go down on hands and knees. And when maximum effort is required they're not to shy to swing a models and buyers orgy.

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  841 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  00:55:07


https://keep2s.cc/file/8f9a54089df6d/Fa … _1972_.mp4
https://rapidgator.net/file/59904405f7e … _.mp4.html



Year of production: 1987.
Country: USA
Genre: Adult | Comedy
Duration: 01.30.41
English language

Director: Damon Christian
Starring: Nina Hartley ... Debbie
Richard Pacheco
Alexis Greco ... Jail Guard
Siobhan Hunter
Mike Horner ... Angel
Angel Kelly ... Angel
Jack Baker ... Driver
Betty Boobs
Jon Martin
Leah de lande
Sandy Carey
John Leslie
Dot James
Raoul Wigman ... (as Rauol Wigman)
Joey Silvera ... Minister / Sex Toy Salesman

Description: Debbie is back !! Sexier and zanier than ever. Her house has been destroyed, her husband was killed by a Meese Commission Report delivery van and Debbie, the forever nice girl, fins herself in jail. Will her husband (Donald) make it back to Heaven in time to help or will he be forever lost in space? Could it be ?? Ol 'number 30 has inhabited Donald's grave ??

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  1.37 GB
Resolution:  720x540
Duration:  01:30:41


Download Debbie Duz Dishes III
https://keep2s.cc/file/b4785122420a3/De … _1987_.mp4



Released: 1977
Director: Alain Thierry (Alain Deruelle) as Valerian Wochiekowsky

Alternate Titles
• J'aime les grosses légumes
• Malicieuses Anglaises

• Brigitte Lahaie
• Catherine Léno
• Jenny Feeling
• Mika Barthel

• Jean-Pierre Armand
• Hubert Géral
Thanks to Prophilo for obtaining the information from La Saison Cinematographique 1981.


Format:  Wmv
Size:  982 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:09:25

https://keep2s.cc/file/fb3cd22255aca/le … egumes.wmv
https://rapidgator.net/file/06270155fad … s.wmv.html



Released: 1975
Director: José Bénazéraf

Alternate Titles
• Joy
• Opera a luce rossa Italy
• Porno Technique

• Chantal Fourquet
• Christiane Surreau
• Claude Janna
• Jenny Feeling
• Marion Schultz
• Nathalie Morin
• XNK0871

Format:  Wmv
Size:  1.00 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:03:37


https://keep2s.cc/file/7dbf83b435a9b/Op … _rossa.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/3b3ctgoo/Opera … _rossa.wmv



Director: Pierre-Claude Garnier
Writer: Pierre-Claude Garnier (screenplay)
Release Date:27 August 1975 (France)

Cast (in credits order)

Jean Luisi. Bernard Guy
Christian Chevreuse. Garland
Joëlle Coeur. Pamela Garland
Bruno Fortin. L'amant de Pamela
Anna Gladysek (as Anna Ladysek)
Stéphane Macha. Le père d'Isabelle
Odile Palombo. Odile

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Jacques Marbeuf. Le vicomte de Grandlieu (uncredited)

Also Known As (AKA)
Me to mati stin kleidarotrypa Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Peeping Tom in the Lime Light International (English title)
Encyclociné mentions "La crise" as an AKA

Format:  Wmv
Size:  739 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:42:30





Released: 1979
Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy as Boris Pradllay

Alternate Titles
• Le Svedesi lo vogliono cosi Shendene DVD, stolen German credits and an inaccurate box blurb, but probably the same film
• From Encyclocine : Titre secondaire : Pour qui sonne mon gland.

• Brigitte Lahaie
• France Lomay

Males include
• Jean-Marie Pallardy plays the first man on the boat (non sex)
• Robert Leray plays the old man in the discotheque
• Jacques Gateau
• unidentified male
• Hubert Géral - archive footage (not in original French version)
• Cyril Val - archive footage (not in original French version)


Format:  Mkv
Size:  972 MB
Resolution:  696x504
Duration:  01:08:51

https://keep2s.cc/file/13b66058f8928/Le … _1979_.mkv
http://uploaded.net/file/3tgndyjf/Le_sv … _1979_.mkv



Released: 1977
Director: Lazlo Renato

Alternate Titles
• Ardente et infidèle Émilia
• Hot and Perverse Emilia

• Barbara Moose plays Anne
• Brigitte Lahaie
• Claude Janna in very short stock shots
• Danièle Troeger
• Emmanuelle Parèze in very short stock shots
• Karine Gambier plays Émilia
• Liliane Lemieuvre
• XNK0406 plays Flo, the narrator, Émilia's lesbian lover, soft g/g only
• XNK0407 orgy scene

• Gabriel Pontello plays Gabriel
• Richard Lemieuvre
• Patrick Lyonnet
• man in Venice

Format:  AVI
Size:  724 MB
Resolution:  720x576
Duration:  01:15:29


https://keep2s.cc/file/7057e44eded0f/Ch … Emilia.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/4py42ek2/Chaud … Emilia.avi



Released: 1975
Director: Jean Rollin as Michel Gentil

Alternate Titles
• Gode Story
• Introductions
- Douce Penetration
• Phantasmes 1987 French video release by Sperma Video, 70 mins
• La Romancière lubrique

• Catherine Castel
• Eva Khris
• Eva Quang as Eva Kwang
• Jocelyne Clairis plays Jocelyne
• Marie-Pierre Castel
• Martine Grimaud plays Sophie
• Tania Busselier as Tania Bussellier, plays Martine

• Charlie Schreiner, as Charly Schreiner, plays Pierre
• John Oury plays François
• Francois Ghersi
• Victor Samama plays Victor
• Jean Solesme, uncredited, plays Jean
• Badia Magin, uncredited, plays Badia
• Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, uncredited
• Jean-Paul Bride, uncredited
• Jean Clairis, uncredited
• Jean Rollin, uncredited

Format:  wmv
Size:  603 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:09:54


https://keep2s.cc/file/40b76e2234ce0/Go … _1975_.wmv



Language : English
Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Joëlle Coeur. Valérie
Marie-France Morel. Sophie
Brigitte Borghese. Malvina (as Britt Anders)
Annie Belle. Brigitte (as Annie Brilland)
Jean-Paul Hazy. Paul
Agnès Lemercier. Jenny - maid (as Jenny Trochu)
Catherine Castel. Une souris
Marie-Pierre Castel. Une souris
Virgina Loup. Catarina - a maid
Marcel Richard. Karl
Minia Malove. Frida
Alain Bastin. Fred
Willy Braque

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Walden Desforets. Club member
Jean Dorlegeant. Club member

Also Known As (AKA)
Bacchanales sexuelles France (alternative title)
Fly Me the French Way USA
Parthenika paihnidia Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Schiave del piacere Italy


Format:  AVI
Size:  1.65 GB
Resolution:  656x384
Duration:  01:41:52

https://keep2s.cc/file/812eb320f5196/Ba … _1974_.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/qd4mbkbt/Bacch … _1974_.avi



Released: 1976
Director: Pierre Unia as Renau Pieri

Alternate Titles
. Les Insoumises
. Les Petites curieuses
. Les Petites curieuses font les grandes salopes

. Béatrice Harnois uncredited, archive footage from Candice Candy
. Chantal Fourquet uncredited, archive footage from Candice Candy
. Cristel Lauris as Christel Lauris, plays a secretary
. Danièle Troeger as Daniele Sue, plays Sabine Roger
. Emmanuelle Rivière as Sweet Virginie, plays Sabine Rivière
. France Quénie plays Françoise, the secretary
. Liliane Lemieuvre plays Lili the waitress
. Marlène Myller as Marlene MIller
. Martine Grimaud film within the film, near the start
. Pamela Stanford plays Sabine Bérard ?
. Sandrine Pernelle plays Iris
. Véronique Maugarski plays Véronique

. Gabriel Pontello plays Gabriel
. Cyril Val plays Monsieur Hervil
. Semai Naed (male?)
. Bernard Hug
. Patrick Lyonnet plays Patrick the waiter
. Gil Duroc
. Guy Gerbaud
. Julien
. Philippe Chosson
. Norbert Ciret
. Jean-Claude Ast
. Patrice Mranzano


Format:  Wmv
Size:  586 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:20:27

https://keep2s.cc/file/25daa404e32fc/L_ … abines.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/0e8v6fuq/L_enl … abines.wmv



Anna cuisses entrouvertes

Released: 1979
Director: José Bénazéraf

Alternate Titles
. Anna cuisses toujours entrouvertes
. Feuchte Schenkel West Germany, VFL

. Brigitte Lahaie
. Claudia Mehringer
. Jenny Feeling listed on IMDB under Agnès Lemercier
. Karine Gambier
. Valérie Martin's


Format:  Wmv
Size:  566 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:12:31

https://keep2s.cc/file/a4f5e8ad04b56/An … _1979_.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/fxndauo3/Anna_ … _1979_.wmv



Released: 1975
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: distribution by Sofradis

Alternate Titles
• Beccarie porno ? unofficial title
• Perversions

• Claudine Beccarie plays Marlène
• Eva Anderson
• Joséphine Vassal plays Nadège

• Alban Ceray as Alban Seray
• Jean-Louis Vattier
• Christian Romain
• Jean Blaise
• Jacques Marbeuf
• Jean-Pierre Merle
• Charlie Schreiner (uncredited) ?
• the barman (non-sex)


Format:  Wmv
Size:  1.02 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:25:38

https://keep2s.cc/file/bdb1ac47abfd5/Pe … chaine.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/u6c5xuo3/Perve … chaine.wmv



Production year: 1979
Country: Canada / France
Genre: Feature
Duration: 00:48:21
Language: French

Director: Marc Dorcel

Marilyn Jess
Isabelle Forestier
Piotr Stanislas

Isabelle et sa soeur Marilyn découvrent ensemble dans la salle de bains la grisante volupté de se parer des dessous de lingerie fine appartenant à leur maman. Isabelle la ravissante brune, se fait draguer par un jeune inconnu qui l'emmène en voiture dans un parking où, malgré ses réticences, il la pelote sans vergogne, l'amenant à un état d'excitation tel qu'elle accepte de lui sucer le sexe. Le soir même il vient la voir chez elle, ils seront alors surpris par la blonde Marilyn.

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  723 MB
Resolution:  700x568
Duration:  00:50:10


https://keep2s.cc/file/e742ad5354f5a/Jo … Garces.mp4
http://uploaded.net/file/jm7jqch9/Jolie … Garces.mp4



Starring: Tomi La Roux, Becky Savage, Ann Perry, Tyler Reynolds, Lily Rodgers.

It's the year of 2080 and three space maidens are about to embark on a new erotic adventure for the United World Space Agency. Join our three sexy heroines, Star Babe, Twinkle Toes and Milky Way on their assignment to stop the over-throw of the planet Earth! If you like alien sex. you'll love this movie!


Format:  AVI
Size:  1.34 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:20:25

https://keep2s.cc/file/9e0f92b058ebb/St … _1977_.avi



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2006
Distributor: Historic Erotica
Director: Unknown

Starring: Unknown

Description: Here are some of the hottest big-boobed babes you will ever find in the fine Historic Erotica line of videos. These women have something extraordinary to offer their men.Huge mounds of sweater meats that tease and please! Hot to trot and eager to please, these babes show just how bad they can be..In bed, on the couch, anywhere they can get it! Big-Boobed And Bad is chock full of the special type of lovemaking that only a real tit man can appreciate!

Format:  Wmv
Size:  720 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  00:44:22


https://keep2s.cc/file/90f3a6a2cd28b/Bi … ___Bad.wmv



Language: French
Cast: Actresses
• Elisabeth Buré non-sex
• France Lomay
• Marilyn Jess
Males in the added French footage
• Guy Royer
• Jacques Marbeuf (non-sex)
• Oliver Mathot (non-sex)

Format:  AVI
Size:  1.03 GB
Resolution:  720x576
Duration:  01:16:09


https://keep2s.cc/file/f29cf120fcd96/In … _1979_.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/t7hy69qm/Infir … _1979_.avi



Starring: Vanessa Del Rio, Sharon Mitchell, Ursula Austin, John Buco, Shaun Costello,Ron Dorfman, Leo Lovemore.

Carlotta and her male partner are newspaper advertised sex surrogates who make house calls. When a husband who can't satisfy his wife hires Carlotta, he is surprised by her relaxed casual suggestion to have unprotected oral and anal sex in order to help him. He indeed manages to bring her the orgasm he couldn't give his wife. Satisfied, he comes clean to his wife and counters her anger by asking her to schedule a session with Carlotta's male partner. Carlotta is then hired by a whole couple. They too are surprised when she asks them to demonstrate an intercourse, while she first just commentates and then also casually fully joins them. The first wife indeed meets up with Carlotta's male partner, who quickly suggests having sex with her and even slaps her butt during the act. Later on, the first couple invites a third couple over and can't help demonstrating on them the new moves the sex surrogates taught them.

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  727 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:00:56


https://keep2s.cc/file/30986bd615e97/Si … _1976_.mp4



Fureur sexuelle

Released: 1975
Director: Daniel Daert as Jacques Dumoda

Cast :
• Claudine Beccarie
• Ellen Earl as Helene Coopey, plays the cat burglar
• Patrice Pascal
• Serge Landry
• Laura Glazer
• Ingrid Robyn
• Betty Warol

Format:  Wmv
Size:  674 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:21:02


https://keep2s.cc/file/36bccd6cae9c2/Fu … _1975_.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/vkm2q1x1/Fureu … _1975_.wmv



Released: 1979
Director: Alain Payet as René Houaro

Alternate Titles
• Ninfomane tutta bocca - La Mondane Felice Italy, title stolen from the Italian release of Pleasure is My Business starring Xaviera Hollander

• Cathy Stewart
• Céline Gallone
• Lucie Doll
• Marilyn Jess uncredited, plays the blonde in the catfight (probably)
• Monique Bruno
• Morgane
• XNK1463 plays the maid
• XNK1481

• Thierry de Brem plays the husband
• Dominique Aveline plays the pick up on the train and takes part in the final orgy
• Richard Allan benefits from the blackmail and takes part in the final orgy
• Jean-Louis Vattier has sex with the maid on the kitchen table
• Carmelo Petix benefits from the blackmail, watching the catfight with the nympho wife
• Désiré Bastareaud makes a brief appearance after the catfight
• Michel Peruffo (?) may be the blackmailer


Format:  Wmv
Size:  864 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:13:47

https://keep2s.cc/file/953f78591f6db/Ny … epings.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/zmt6wrdg/Nymph … epings.wmv



La Sucette magique

Released: 1975
Director: Lucien Hustaix

Alternate Titles
• Magische Kräfte Mike Hunter DVD title
• Die Unersättlichen West Germany, Mike Hunter

• Claude Janna
• Claudia Cat
• Claudia Zante
• Denise Weber non-sex
• France Quénie
• Liliane Lemieuvre as Karen Allan
• XNK2884 non-sex

• Jacques Marbeuf, plays a fortune teller
• Jacques Couderc (non-sex)
• Guy Bonnafoux
• Benoit Archenoul
• Richard Lemieuvre
• Jean-Louis Vattier
• plus a director's cameo by Lucien Hustaix (also non-sex)
Information from beutelwolf.


Format:  Wmv
Size:  726 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:33:21

https://keep2s.cc/file/d38a946bf6104/La … agique.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/ut12rxpn/La_su … agique.wmv



Released: 1976
Director: Claude Pierson as Caroline Joyce

Alternate Titles
• Perverse 1984 USA
• Perverse Nymphomanin West Germany, VFL

• Chantal Virapin
• Edwige Davis
• Laurence Jarry

• Gilbert Servien plays the husband
• Richard Lemieuvre, as Richard Allan, participates in the orgies
• John Oury participates in the orgies
• Desir Bastareaud, black dwarf, participates in the orgies

Format:  AVI
Size:  746 MB
Resolution:  720x480
Duration:  01:17:46


https://keep2s.cc/file/831c7f07048ae/Pe … _1976_.avi



Released: 1978
Director: Alain Payet as John Love

• Cathy Stewart
• Christine Bruno
• Diane Dubois
• Emmanuelle Parèze
• Françoise Maillot scene from Véronique . Nique . Nique
• Isabelle Pinto scene from Lèvres humides
• Juliette Janin scene from Lèvres Humides
• Karine Gambier briefly
• Laurence Jarry scene from Lèvres Humides
• Lulu Belle scene from?
• Marion Schultz
• Morgane
• Myriam Benzerti scene from Obsessions pornos
• Nessy Grant as Cathy Grandet, scene from Les Gourmandes de sexe
• XNK1351 scene from Les Gourmandes de sexe

• Dominique Aveline
• Cyril Val
• Gabriel Pontello (with moustache)
• Désiré Bastaraud
• Guy Royer
• Richard Lemieuvre
• Carmelo Petix
• Gilbert Servien
• Hubert Géral


Format:  Wmv
Size:  490 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:13:12

https://keep2s.cc/file/82edc542381e5/So … cettes.wmv
http://uploaded.net/file/050jb4dc/Sophi … cettes.wmv



Released: 1979
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin

Alternate Titles
• Hotel privè Dir. given as Donovan Jinter Italy, seems to use fake German credits
• Minettes vicieuses
• Mouilleuse précoces
• Stundenhotel West Germany
Les mouilleuses précoces

• Brigitte Verbecq
• Cécile Carole briefly, in the sex show
• Christine Righetti plays the maid
• Lucie Doll
• Martine Flety Dominique Aveline's day dream sequence, archive footage?
• Michèle le Brumann Dominique Aveline's day dream sequence, archive footage?
• Morgane as Marianne Fournier
• XNK2744
• XNK2745 initial sex show sequence
• XNK2746 initial sex show sequence
• XNK2747 initial sex show sequence

• Dominique Aveline
• Guy Bérardant
• male performers in the sex show


Format:  AVI
Size:  673 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:10:07

https://keep2s.cc/file/1881cb8a9aa62/Ho … _1979_.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/5kypg13h/Hotel … _1979_.avi



Les petites pensionnaires France (alternative title)

Directed by Jean-Claude Roy (as Patrick Aubin)
Writing credits(in alphabetical order)
Jean-Claude Roy writer (as Patrick Aubin)

Cast (in credits order)

Jean-Yves Gautier. Jacques Lefin
Erika Cool. Gigi
Paul Bisciglia. Henri
Danièle Vlaminck. Mme Clos
Raoul Curet. Le commissaire Aimé
Gérard Croce. Heinrich
Joëlle Le Quément. Jane (as Joëlle Le Quement)
Thierry de Brem. Jim
Jacques Gateau. Weil (as Jack Gatteau)
Anne Libert. Diana
Marie-Christine Chireix. Mona
Monique Ciron. Perle
Gilbert Servien. Le conseiller Bruner
Robert Darmel. Blake
Marcel Tran. Ming
César Torres. Anderson


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  756 MB
Resolution:  720x480
Duration:  01:17:48

https://keep2s.cc/file/3925223874a7d/Br … -girls.mp4
http://uploaded.net/file/wmt8ueot/Briga … -girls.mp4



Year : 1977
Country : United States
Genre : straight, classic, hardcore
Duration: 1ch.15min .

Directed by : Robert Chinn
Studio : Golden Gate Productions

Starring : Laurien Dominique, Candida Royalle, Joan Devlon, Paul Tanner, John C. Holmes, Ken Scudder, Jerry Jordan, Charles Law, Blair Morris, Sindy Barron, Joey Nassivera, Bekkouche Simon, John Seeman, Steve Vasari, Mike Donovan, Venessa Ginger

Description : One of the first films fetish . With a large number of CMV actors. The famous John C. Holmes, one of the first roles Venessa Ginger. With a large number of CMV reference to this film and the lack of normal describe it.
In short: the two friends share their impressions of sex with postmen , cleaners , acquaintances and strangers.

Format:  AVI
Size:  865 MB
Resolution:  720x464
Duration:  01:16:01


https://keep2s.cc/file/3e6efe1dfd361/Ha … _1977_.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/1bdhchzc/Hard_ … _1977_.avi



Encore plus avec Mélisa
AKA : Lady X - L'Hermite - Mélisa

Director : Jean Luret

Cast :
André Chazel (André Martin)
Pascale Vital (Karine)
Thizou Durand (Vivette)
Muriel Montossé (la secrétaire)
Bernard Lavel (Dimios)
Mika (la soubrette)
Paul Charzet
Gilles Mouroux


Format:  Wmv
Size:  1015 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:22:10




Released: 1979
Director: Pierre Unia as Reine Pirau
Notes: sort of a compilation using much archive footage linked by original footage

Alternate Titles
• Attachées de presse

• Barbara Moose archive footage
• Béatrice Harnois archive footage from Candice Candy
• Chantal Fourquet archive footage from Candice Candy
• Cristel Lauris
• Danièle David archive footage, in scene with Monique Bruno?, archive footage from?
• France Lomay archive footage
• France Quénie archive footage from Candice Candy
• Jenny Feeling archive footage from B. comme Béatrice
• Jocelyne Clairis archive footage from Candice Candy
• Marlène Myller archive footage
• Martine Flety ?
• Mika Barthel archive footage
• Monique Bruno ? in scene with Danièle David, archive footage from?
• Noelle Bellami archive footage from B. comme Béatrice
• Sylvia Bourdon archive footage from Candice Candy
• XNK0310
• XNK0311 plays Caroline


Format:  Wmv
Size:  734 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:18:14

https://keep2s.cc/file/09a80ac46748c/La … DuSexe.wmv



Director: Michel Ricaud

• Barbara Moose
• Catherine Ringer
• Elisabeth Buré

Format:  AVI
Size:  1.22 GB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:28:46


https://keep2s.cc/file/b11125a487361/CR … e_de_Q.avi



Released: 1978
Director: Jürgen Enz as Kenneth Howard

Alternate Titles
• Den Blyga Lolita
• Deseos sexuales de adolescentes Dir. given as Rudolf Krause
• Salopes du plaisir France

• Angelina Brasini plays MItzi
• Christine Klinger plays Rosl/Lola
• Linda Clemens plays Anni
• Margitta Hofer plays Felicitas
• Marion Brandmeier plays Lena/Ariane

• Anderl Bäuerl plays Graf von Rammelburg
• Peter Thom plays Pepi
• Mario Pollak, uncredited, plays Rosl's lover

Format:  AVI
Size:  837 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:27:14


https://keep2s.cc/file/0cbe8a1a27fde/Le … laisir.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/f6f2osbo/Les_S … laisir.avi



Punkin Peal is a hillbilly porno actress who has lost her job because she couldn't ingest the hug dick of John Holmes! All kinds of zany acts ensue including Punkin finally deep-throating Holmes' 14-inch cock!


C.J. Laing [Anal Facial DP]
Crystal Sync [BJOnly]
Jennifer Jordan [BJOnly]
Marlene Willoughby
Lorraine Alraune (as Sarah Vache)


David Davidson (as David Dixon) [NonSex]
Eric Edwards
Jeffrey Hurst (as Jeffrey Hyrst)
John Holmes (as John C. Holmes)
Tony Perez
Marlow Ferguson (as Tootsie Robysto) [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jennifer Jordan, John Holmes
Scene 2. Crystal Sync, Tony Perez
Scene 3. C.J. Laing, guy
Scene 4. C.J. Laing, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 5. Lorraine Alraune, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 6. Crystal Sync, Marlene Willoughby
Scene 7. C.J. Laing, Eric Edwards
Scene 8. Marlene Willoughby, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 9. C.J. Laing
Scene 10. C.J. Laing, Crystal Sync, Jennifer Jordan, Lorraine Alraune, Jeffrey Hurst, John Holmes, others, Tony Perez
Scene 11. C.J. Laing, Jeffrey Hurst, John Holmes, Tony Perez


Format:  AVI
Size:  694 MB
Resolution:  640x496
Duration:  01:20:29

https://keep2s.cc/file/4e13d3506555e/Sw … ve_You.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/3hfpy1aq/Sweet … ve_You.avi



Release Date: 1979
Studio: Walt J. Hoffman
Category: Classic
Starring: Ginger Hulsey, Roxanne Neufeld, Adrian Michaels, Gene Medlin, Manny Spiegel, Martin Noble
Language: English

From a deserted New England beach we watch a woman in a dripping dress and long wet hair emerge from the depths of the ocean, the personification of our every fantasy - prepared to fulfill her each and every desire of eroticism and lust. The Wet Lady, an image of beauty and sophistication, demands to fulfill her needs with every man she sees. This mystical lady is only seen by those she desires, and elusively evades all others. This ability allows her to explore a variety of sexual escapades. In event after event, she devours the all consuming lust, until at last satisfied, she returns to the beach - leaving several insatiable lovers wondering.


Format:  AVI
Size:  895 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:00:07




Director: Anthony Spinelli
Distributor: Arrow Productions
Minutes: 74

Enjil Von Bergdorf [Bald]
Fran Lane
Joan Devlon (aka Linda Brooks)
Laura Bond
Monique Starr
Rita Zisk

Cary Corman
David Book
Ken Scudder


Format:  AVI
Size:  802 MB
Resolution:  576x432
Duration:  01:14:53

https://keep2s.cc/file/f2e6f89643af8/19 … Caller.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/728tmqi0/1976_ … Caller.avi



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1975
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Brigitte Maier, Maggie Williams, Nancy Dare

Description: The True Way by a cowled bullshit artist guru and his masked minions "Eternal peace" is promised. A piece of ass is delivered.
"Divest yourself of all your garments and let your pure naked being become one with the universe," says the guru which, apparently, translates as a girl's gotta suck a lotta cock.
The "next level of consciousness" involves sitting on a lotta cock.
Turns out, it's all a scam set up by some frustrated guys in order to get themselves laid. Hey, guys, whatever it takes, right? Besides, Amy is played by Maggie Williams and Suzy is Brigitte Maier, and both become one with the universe with such pornographic brio as to get a rise out of the most jaded consciousness. The Deviate went right out and bought himself a cowl and is planning to open The Temple of Deviancy any day now.
"Are you ready for TheTrue Way?" Uh.yup!

Format:  AVI
Size:  700 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  00:55:34


https://keep2s.cc/file/0989055d06c6a/Tr … _Dare_.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/qsanq4wj/True_ … _Dare_.avi



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1975
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Judd

Starring: Clea Carson, Erica Havens, Marcia Minor, David Ruby, Michael Thorpe, Roger Caine

Description: Years before the twisted story mechanics of Pulp Fiction, there was the strangelylinked narrative structural hijinks of The Rip-Off of Millie.
The underworld intrigue begins with bad-boy "locksmith" Mack carving a couple of keys as two mafia tarts gargle his gonads. Just before the moment of explosive ecstasy, Big-Boss Ferdinand intervenes with an ultimatum: "Don't let him cum till he brings in more clients!" Mastered by the masthead of his tumescent manhood, Mack promises to get to work, and the little lickers are lacquered.
Seems this dastardly group of criminals lure customers into their showrooms of high-priced merchandise - Wow! A didgeridoo! - and make copies of their house keys whilst "distracting" them with the usual butt-stuffings, twingus-splittings, and oral summations, until they can break into their homes and steal back the stuff they've just sold them. Whew!
By the time the fiendish Ferdinand is treated to a juicy comeuppance at the hands of those he betrayed, you'll see more muscles pulled out of shape than at a contortionists' taffy pull. And until you've heard a country bumpkin Jay Lenolookalike crow, "C'mon, baby, Lick the shit off my cock!" before off-loading his tadpoles, you have not seen everything.

Format:  AVI
Size:  700 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  00:55:04


https://keep2s.cc/file/a4d08bf3eeff3/Th … Millie.avi
http://uploaded.net/file/ztkjl7ah/The_R … Millie.avi



Released: 1976 (filmed in 1975)
Director: Jean Desvilles as Georges Fleury


* Catherine Castel
* Chantal Nora plays Beatrice
* Daniele Negre plays the blonde Swedish hitchhiker
* Emmanuelle Pareze plays Anne
* Eva Khris
* Francoise Maillot girl on screen with Charlie Schreiner in film within film?
* Marie-Pierre Castel
* Martine Grimaud, brief office scene (non-sex)
* XNK1497 first girl in woods
* XNK1499 non-sex, girl in deckchair at the end

Males include

* Jacques Insermini plays Michel (Mitch in American version)
* Charlie Schreiner on screen in film within film


Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  813 MB
Resolution:  704x456
Duration:  01:10:05

https://keep2s.cc/file/cbf13b3d4a94c/Le … s.1976.mp4
http://uploaded.net/file/eibp0rnd/Les_W … s.1976.mp4



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1970
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Matt Cimber

Starring: Unknown

Description: He and She was Matt Cimber and Marv Miller's follow-up to their highly successful sex documentary Man and Wife.
The narrator, who bears an uncanny resemblance to jazz man Dave Brubeck, waxes poetic on the nature of love while an attractive young couple perform a variety of sex acts - mostly foreplay - on a rotating circular bed. Flashbacks reveal how they first met, and Bucky couldn't help but notice that they were still wearing the same clothes!
He was also impressed with the female star, whom he recognized as "Shelly" from her many appearances in 16mm loops.
A marked improvement over its predecessor, He and She attempts to capture the psychological effects of sex through the use of pulsating colored lights and laughable sequences of the couple engaged in role-playing silliness: "Me caveman, you mine!"
A montage of seemingly random images metaphorically portrays sexual excitation from deep within the recesses of the human psyche, yet the filmmakers couldn't improve on the old standby - a fireworks display - for the moment of orgasm.
Nevertheless, He and She is unquestionably the most romantic of the "white coaters," which is why Bucky plans to present a copy to his girlfriend next Valentine's Day.


Format:  Mkv
Size:  1.78 GB
Resolution:  800x600
Duration:  01:03:09

https://keep2s.cc/file/34da56f80546f/He … _1970_.mkv



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1970
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Lynn Harris.

Description: Debbie is a virginal college freshman who's "not too hip on sex." She'd rather spend her time studying than screwing. Her roommate, Fran, is the complete opposite: a sexual pincushion who seems to have taken an advanced course in boning and moaning. She and her boy-toy, Bill, have sweaty dorm-room sex.
Bill tells his buddy, Wayne, that he wants to get into Debbie's pants. Wayne gets horizontal with a spaced-out redhead and Bill comes by with Sally and Ann, all of which leads to an orgy.
Here's where it gets good (or sleazy, depending on your taste). Goody-two-shoes Debbie is about to get a taste of College Corruption when she's visited by the female dean (played by the older redhead from Caged Women). The dean turns out to be a pervert, and grabs a fistful of Deb's tit. Debbie screams, "No!" but the dean threatens to have her expelled. Reluctantly, Debbie gives into the dyke's demands and is forced to give the saucy redhead a nude rubdown. Then she gets her face shoved into the teacher's thick greasy hole. "What a way to make the grade," weeps Debbie after dining on hair pie.
Bill strolls in and finds Debbie naked and sobbing. "That old bitch!" he says before giving Debbie a crash-course in male anatomy. Debbie winds up getting a hosing from the sleazebag. But, hey, it was the only thing Bill could do. He had to save Debbie from the jaws of lesbianism!


Format:  AVI
Size:  650 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  01:00:34

https://keep2s.cc/file/0c04df4eae675/Co … uption.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/2b7360d82df … n.avi.html


Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1974
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Unknown

Description: A plucky, pulchritudinous, pixie blonde named Mary, fresh from a morning shower, sucks her significant other's fat cock. Nice way to start the day, yes? Then she spreads her legs and opens her sweetly scented snatch to his importunities.
Afterwards, she goes off to the No-Tell Motel with her pal, Suzy, a slender brunette with a taste for beaver meat. But Suzy likes sausage as well as Mary does and so they make a phone call and get some guy over to the motel for a rollicking threesome.
At the same time, Mary's significant other has been balling another chick procured for him by a bearded buddy of his. Now get this: the bearded buddy gets a call from Suzy and winds up at the No-Tell Motel to round out a foursome. And then he puts in a call to Mary's significant other to invite him and the chick he's with over to the motel too!
You can imagine the look on Mary's face when the newcomers arrive! The flick ends with a happy-go-lucky sixsome in the No-Tell Motel, and there's simply no telling what combinations and re-combinations they devise for our viewing pleasure.
It's safe to say that everyone here turns out to be an Easy Pick-Up.


Format:  AVI
Size:  700 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  00:50:01

https://rapidgator.net/file/c04072efc24 … p.avi.html



Mac Ahlberg
Mac Ahlberg (writer)
Marquis de Sade (novel)

Cast (Credited cast)
Marie Forsa . Justine Karlsson (as Marie Lynn)
Anne Bie Warburg . Juliette Karlsson
Harry Reems . Don Miller
Felix Franchy . Robert
Bent Warburg . Alfred
William Kisum . Mr. Osborn
Poul Bundgaard . Mr. Nikander
Kate Mundt . Madame

Brigitte Maier . Bibi, Roberts girlfriend
Otto Brandenburg . Portier
Bert Bellman . Roberts friend
Jim Steffe . Roberts friend
Keld Holm . Don Millers bodyguard
Ulla Sando . Ulla


Format:  Mkv
Size:  1.02 GB
Resolution:  720x576
Duration:  01:36:18

https://keep2s.cc/file/79af1fb83c83d/Ju … _hard_.mkv
https://rapidgator.net/file/b2e6e0065c4 … _.mkv.html


Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1973
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Andrea True, Any Mathieu, Georgina Spelvin, Ashley Moore, Jeffrey Hurst, John Clemens, Levi Richards

Description: The Russians Are Coming and cuming all over the place in the thrilling co-feature. In the spirit of detente and glasnot (or one of those '70s international relation buzzwords), good U.S. citizen Jeffrey Hurst fixes up three Sоviet guys (sporting fake Russian accents) with Georgina Spelvin, Andrea True and another good-looking and very willing American chick, all of whom are eager to do their part for the "piece" process.
Everybody drinks vodka - lots and lots of vodka - and all the guys do all the girls, sharing equally in the true spirit of socialism.


Format:  AVI
Size:  847 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  00:58:42

https://keep2s.cc/file/feef024b828bf/Th … _1973_.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/b39bd136d0b … _.avi.html



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1973
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Don Lang

Starring: Andrea True, Sandy King, Harry Reems

Description: Ahoy, maties! Pleasure Cruise - "A tale that will chill your bowels and thrill your ballywacker!"- features Captain Rob, a man with his own floating bachelor pad. His "crew" are a pair of throb-worthy sex sirens who cater to his every sexual whim. They pick up a shipwrecked beauty and deal with two pistol-packing cons who paddle up in a cheesy rubber raft (which sinks causing the actors to break out laughing).
The skipper tells them, "Guys, there's plenty of beer in the fridge and hot broads on the top deck." They sample the shipboard snatch. The girls wear out the cons with wall-to-wall sex. The criminals jump overboard: "We're turning ourselves in!"


Format:  AVI
Size:  700 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  00:55:01

https://keep2s.cc/file/50d64ffd3c0c8/Th … Cruise.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/73d66d1dec3 … e.avi.html



Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1972
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Keith Erickson, Suzanne Fields, Chlorine Stillwater, Jill Sweete, Adam Ward

Description: Angela's Foursome is the film which once and for all exposes the film processing house racket as a hotbed of sin and vice. When a struggling company starts taking on pornographer clients, they attract the attention of a hardnosed hillbilly cop who's on the prowl for "dirty Commie stuff from Moscow." The owner, Keith Erickson, his secretary Suzanne Fields, and his fresh-faced housefrau, Jill Sweete, decide to solve the problem by hiring a sexy hypnotist to put the whammy on the fuzz.
They make a short film which hyp-no-tizes the cop into believing that porn is good (a process soon to be adopted for all SWV tapes) and then to seal the deal, the hypnotist bangs the lab technician (in slow motion). "Wonderful! Just wonderful!" barks the hoodooed porker. We couldn't agree less.


Format:  AVI
Size:  700 MB
Resolution:  640x480
Duration:  42 min 52 s

https://keep2s.cc/file/a3585a0375aac/An … _1972_.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/6649e418daa … _.avi.html



Released: 1978
Notes: Ribu

Marion Koos motorist whose car breaks down
Somsri Choncharern sauna, non-sex
XNK0507 Bibi, Mr. O's secretary
XNK0731 plays Flori
XNK0732 Jeanette, wife of Mr. O
XNK0736 sauna
XNK0737 sauna
XNK0738 would-be blackmailer
XNK0739 schoolgirl
XNK0779 one of the blackmailers
XNK3343 plays a schoolgirl

Mr O picks up a busty brunette, XNK0731, and takes her back to his apartment. His wife, Jeanette, XNK0732, catches them at it, but joins in. Next Mr O. is nearly caught by his wife screwing his secretary, Bibi (XNK0507 as a brunette). She demands sex from her hsuband and the secretary listens at the door, before the wife drags her in to join them.

But it isn't only Mr. O who is playing around. His wife waits impatiently for him to go back to work after lunch before dragging her male lover from behind the curtains and then her blonde female lover (XNK0733) from the closet where she has almost passed out. Hubby returns unexpectedly and the lovers hide again, but as Mr O. and his wife begin to have sex the blonde sneaks out and joins in and then the man does too.

Then Mr O. is driving to his country house when he finds a female motorist whose car has broken down. He gives her a lift to his house where they find Bibi having sex with a man in the garden. The man runs off, but Bibi hangs aroudn to watch Mr O. and his new pick up and then joins in armed with a strap-on dildo.

Mr O. then goes to a sauna with his male friend and they have a great time with XNK0735 (non-sex), XNK0736 and XNK0737. Outside he is picked up by two girls, Claudia Mehringer and XNK0738 who take him back to their place where they have sex and a hidden photographer takes incriminating photographs. Then they try to extort money from him by threatening to phone his wife. He is vastly amused and picks up the phone and dials the number for them.

Driving in the country again he spots two schoolgirls (XNK0739 and XNK0740) sneaking into a field for some lesbian experimentation with a corn cob as a dildo. He persuades them to come back to his country retreat where he and his wife give them some practical lessons.

Format:  MPEG-4
Size:  930 MB
Resolution:  688x568
Duration:  01:14:57


https://keep2s.cc/file/b9d8c25bcf947/Di … O_-_BV.mp4
https://rapidgator.net/file/ff6e9ef48b1 … V.mp4.html



Release Date: 1979
Studio: Tabu
Category: All sex, Group sex
Starring: Dominique Aveline, Elisabeth Bure, France Lomay, Karine Gambier, Lucie Doll, Maria Catala, Marilyn Jess
Die Große Französische Orgie (aka Chloe, l'obsédée sexuelle) (1979)
Director : Michel Caputo (as Michel Baudricourt)

Starring :
* Dominique Aveline
* Élisabeth Buré
* Michel Caputo
* Maria Catalard
* Lucie Doll
* Karine Gambier
* Marilyn Jess
* Richard Lemieuvre
* France Lomay
* Guy Royer

Format:  Wmv
Size:  518 MB
Resolution:  720x576
Duration:  01:10:37


https://keep2s.cc/file/952d246ea594f/Di … sische.rar
https://rapidgator.net/file/b1be7c041da … e.rar.html



Genre: Classic, Anal
Year: 1980
Country: Germany
Starring: Sandra Nova

Format:  AVI
Size:  698 MB
Resolution:  512x384
Duration:  01:15:22


https://keep2s.cc/file/4e7369ee7fce4/Ha … e__70s.avi
https://rapidgator.net/file/0de96c4a2e8 … s.avi.html

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